Examples of scrapbook pages I've done!


Welcome to Scrappin 4 Hire! Scrappin 4 Hire was started by Elaine a template designer for Scrappin' Blogs! If you have ever wanted to make a digital scrapbook page with all the photos you have but don't know how or even know where to begin? Here you will find all the scrap kits that I have on hand that are "Scrap 4 Hire" meaning I CAN MAKE THE SCRAPBOOK PAGE FOR YOU WITH YOUR PHOTOS!!! Take a look around at the many different kits I have and if you would like me to design a Digital Scrapbook Page for you - just send me an email with the kit name and the pictures you wish for me to use and Ill get started on it right away!!! All Scrapbook pages are $3.50. If this is enough information for you - go ahead and get started!!! I cant wait to hear from you!!! Email me and we can work something out!! I cant wait to hear from you!!!